I Use Arch Btw

01 Aug 2022

Yep This is my By the way I use arch post:

There are some ups and downs to it but over all I think it might be the distro for me! \o/

what I look for in a OS and why I chose arch

  1. Open Source

    i. Do no give me any of your closed source BS Apple/Microsoft I will not have it

  2. Very Customizable

    i. That is one of the huge reasons why I love Linux because you can control down the package with arch you can control it down to what is installed on your system from the first boot up

  3. Small

    i. The fact that The newest apple OS INSTALLER is 16GB that is HUGE for me, when I only have 121 GB on this drive to start you are leaving me around 100 GB once everything is installed all the way and when I am working with a bunch of 20 GB log files then I cannot do that

  4. Secure

    i. For me it is ‘‘Be secure or get out of my way’’

    	A. I am looking at you Windows
  5. Fun

    i. Yes I am mostly going to be using my laptop for Work that does not mean that I cannot have fun while working. Arch Linux (gnome + cin) gives me my best desktop that I can create

So what will it be for you?




It is up to you and for you to figure out what you need to be able to do